My office today

Pros and cons of freelance life is that you can work anywhere you like. This can be both good and bad depending on your attitude and work ethics, but lately I've found not having a fixed location to be a good thing. Change and new enviroment can really boost your creativity.

I used to think I need to work in a real office in order to be effective but later on noticed that's really not the case. This, among many other things in freelancing, is a question of attitude.

When I started freelancing full day me and small group of other rookies rented office space from Helsinki based digital agency Valve. This was actually one of the best decisions back then since this lead me freelancing for Valve and eventually moving along with them to their new open office space. From there I moved on to office of our own together with old friends. This was a real comfort zone expanding experience to group up with a bunch of YouTube pros, kitesurfers and startup people - you could only expect the unexpected every morning you went to work.

Today I send all my love to old office buddies from a restaurant called Lendav Taldrik. This place includes nice atmosphere, good indian food and freshly made mint lemonade. Eventhough I miss the old days sometimes, todays office is not too bad either :)