It's been a long time running

It's been a while since I've posted general work topics here, although there has been huge changes in my work life. Sorry about that.

So, the changes. I no longer work as a full-time freelancer. December 2015 I started working for Valve as an Art Director hustling in their service design unit. Valve was the first agency I started freelancing for back in 2011, so the decision to jump aboard came quite easy in my confused situation I had back then - I had a lot of work but not the right kind, I was running between agencies and projects and my trusted developer had just taken a full time job in Germany. I felt disconnected. Year passed with Valve and then came a new opportunity to focus even more: december 2016 I grasped a new opportunity at Mirum Agency's Digital Services & Transformation unit.

This change means I will be focusing my time on Mirum, and have left out almost all freelance clients. Excited about all the new thing coming my way, but at the same time a bit sad. I've been blessed with great clients and interesting projects, so huge thanks to everyone I've had a chance to work with.

It's been a long time running but something new is behind the door.