Travel journals: Wynwood, sometimes I still need you

Our hotel at Miami was located at Collins Avenue South Beach, which is kind of nice if you're all about the beach, but next time I know better and choose Wynwood instead. Beautiful industrial Wynwood is a totally different side of Miami filled with amazing street art, cozy restaurants, shops, galleries and local breweries. I don't know why now but after returning home from this journey all I've been doing is planning to go back. Best word to describe the feeling I've had since is hiraeth - it means homesickness for a home you can't return to or that never was.


wynwood between lunch and dinner

For some reason we ended up being hungry always in between lunch and dinner time when most of the restaurants are closed. Good thing we found Wynwood Diner during those hungry hours! This beautiful, cozy, all-american dining place had the most amazing mac & cheese, burgers and blueberry pancakes few to mention. And when every single song on their playlist was something I alredy had or wanted to have on my playlist, I knew I found home <3