VSCO Grid: Featured

Yay, it happened! My image was featured on the Interiors gallery of VSCO Grid.

The outcome: hundreds of follows, reposts and images marked as favourited in my VSCO Grid as well as many new likes and followers on Instagram. I'm not a professional photographer, this is something I do as a part of my ordinary life: constant exploration of aesthetics. For me it’s always the feeling before technical savviness. But it still warms my heart to see also others sharing my sense of beauty.



Ficus elastica

Ficus elastica also known as rubber tree is one of my favourite house plants. Ficus elastica print collection is exploring this unique tone of green the plant holds and experimenting different colors combined with.

Ficus elastica series can be bought from Society6 ›


Anyone who's really enthusiastic about photographing and sharing images on mobile probably knows VSCO. It has become a norm for certain kind of mobile imagery; approximating the color saturation and feel of old-school film cameras, VSCO is many designers favorite tool. After using the mobile app for a while I pretty soon signed up for VSCO Grid - back then it felt pretty exclusive since you had to apply for getting in. Unlike Instagram, where tacky selfies represent majority of the content, VSCO Grid is a platform for creatives to show off their best work – a highlight reel that rewards artistic merit and unsung talent. VSCO has been able to maintain the feel of exclusivity and quality on everything they do, and for aesthetic person like me browsing this kind of feed is an amazing source of inspiration.


With honor & with distinction

From my images so far two have been selected for the Grid which means these images appear on Curated gallery of VSCO. And two images have received "With Distinction" mention, which means those images appear on curated search results.


With Honor

Lisbon state of mind


With Honor

Abandoned inside


With Distinction

Tones of South Beach


With Distinction

Winter light


Still today VSCO Grid remains under the radar kind of platform for aesthetics around the world - and I really hope it stays that way. As Joel Flory, one of the founders of VSCO once said:

Quality will forever be in style.